St. Anastasia Specialists provide our students with a space for developing creative minds and healthy bodies.


The St. Anastasia Catholic School computer curriculum exposes students to keyboarding, word processing, Internet skills, Excel skills, and PowerPoint. Proper technique for keyboarding is stressed as well as how to take care of our computers and monitors.  Students at St. Anastasia participate in computer class twice a week for twenty-five minutes.

Our computer lab currently includes twenty-six student computers and a projector for instruction.

Teacher: Mrs. Salmela


Students visit the library once per week. Watch the homeroom teacher’s newsletter for library day change. Students are allowed to check out books, movies and magazines from the St. Anastasia Catholic School library. If a student has overdue book(s), they will need to return or renew that book before being allowed to check out new material.

Kindergarteners visit the library on Friday each week and have a chance to check out one book at that time. We talk about library rules and behavior, and we also discuss parts of a book. Kindergarteners have the opportunity to hear many types of books that are read out-loud to them, building their reading appreciation.

First Grade
Friday is the First Graders’ library day. They are allowed to check out two books each week. First Graders review the skills they learned in Kindergarten, and they also begin to check out chapter books.

Second Grade
Second Grade visits the library each Friday, when they are able to check out two books. After reviewing the library skills learned in previous years, we work on searching for books on the computer, and locating books in the library.

Third Grade
Third Graders can check out two books when they visit the library each Friday. We review the skills we learned in previous years, and we continue working on searching for books on the computer and locating books in the library by call number. We begin to focus on the nonfiction section.

Fourth Grade
Each Friday, Fourth Graders visit the library and may check out three books. In addition to reviewing our library skills, we continue to focus on the nonfiction section. Fourth Graders become very adept at searching for books on the computer, and locating those books in our library.

Fifth Grade
Tuesday is library day for the Fifth Grade. Fifth Graders are allowed to check out three books. We review our library skills, and we begin working on reference books. Because Fifth Graders write a biography in English class, we also work on locating biographies in our library.

Sixth Grade
Sixth Graders visit the library each Monday and are allowed to check out three books. We review searching for books on the computer, locating books in our library by call number and the nonfiction section. We also work on reference books and locating biographies in our library. Sixth Graders also learn how to search for and request books at our public library, Pioneerland Library System.


The St. Anastasia Catholic School physical education program focuses on learning the fundamentals of various games and sports, promoting good sportsmanship, and teamwork. All students at St. Anastasia participate in physical education at least twice a week. Each class session begins with warm ups, stretching and some form of cardio fitness. Students in grades four through six also participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness test.

On May 20, 2016 all grades participate in Christian Track and Field, which is held at the Hutchinson High School Track. This track meet allows students to participate in individual races, relay races, and field events while competing in a faith filled day.

Teacher: Ms. Brunner


Students come to music class three times per week for 25 minutes. All classes begin with prayer, and First through Sixth Grades work on rhythms after prayer. All classes are involved in the Advent Program and Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day programs. They learn the music for these programs in music class.

In Kindergarten music, we work on songs within themes in the beginning of the year. The students learn how to play many classroom instruments, work with beat, and the mood of songs. We also work with dynamics and tempo in music before ending the year with a Mother Goose unit.

First Grade
In First Grade, we review the beat of music and the mood of songs. We work on different ways to use our voices, and how to tell if a song has a melody. Instruments are also covered in first grade, both classroom instruments that the students can play as well as learning a few instruments of the orchestra. Some other topics that we work on include dynamics, range, tempo, and phrases.

Second Grade
In Second Grade, we review the topics covered in previous grades. We also add to our musical knowledge by learning about upward and downward movement in a melody, the colors of music, the string family and style of music.

Third Grade
Reviewing previous years’ content is a part of Third Grade music. We have a big unit on harmony when the students learn what harmony is, the different types of harmony, and they also perform these types of harmony. Third Graders learn about rhythm, form, and we end the year with a unit on tone color and focus on the different instruments of the orchestra.

Fourth Grade
Fourth Graders have a big year in music class, because they spend half of the year working on their recorders. They use many of the skills they have learned in previous years by working through their Recorder Karate books. We also sharpen their skills on meter, harmony and melody.

Fifth Grade
Fifth Graders spend time reviewing the skills we used to play the recorders. Other topics covered in the Fifth Grade year include rhythm, melody, harmony and form.

Sixth Grade
We begin the Sixth Grade year in music learning about the style of music. Throughout the rest of the year, we work on rhythm, melody, harmony and tone color. The students enjoy learning about tone color because, as we discuss the different families and instruments of the orchestra, the students in band like to share their experiences with those instruments.

Teacher: Mrs. Hendrickson

Faith Formation

St. Anastasia Catholic School is a faith-based, Catholic school. We educate the whole child in a Christian environment, integrating religion in all areas of learning. Students have religion class at least four days a week. The classes include instruction in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, the Ten Commandments, the sacraments, and traditions of the Church. In addition to formal instruction, children pray at various times each day and participate in prayer liturgies during Advent and Lent. Once a week, students attend a Mass, which has been planned by one of the grades. All classes participate in service projects that benefit not just our school, but the wider community. Our religion program helps students to develop a sense of self-confidence, but, more importantly, they learn to care about others.

Additional Religious Education programs are offered for children ages 4-18 through the St. Anastasia and St. Boniface parishes. More information can be found on the Parish website:


Mrs. Lori Salmela

Phone: (320) 587-2490



  • I graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Elementary Education.
  • I have been employed at St. Anastasia since 1993, first with Kids’ Depot then as a computer/physical education teacher at St. Anastasia Catholic School.
  • I love to scrapbook, golf, bake, and spend time with my family and friends.
  • I am married and live with my family in Dassel, MN.


Ms. Tracy Brunner

Phone: (320) 587-2490


  • I graduated from Saint Cloud State University.
  • I also have an Associates Degree from Ridgewater College.


Mrs. Amanda Hendrickson

Phone: (320) 587-2490


  • I received my degree in K-12 Vocal and Instrumental Music as well as secondary math from University of Mary in Bismark, ND
  • I am married with 2 children
  • I am also a member of St. Anastasia Parish.