Kindergarten is where it starts.


In Kindergarten we use an interactive board, digital camera, and laptop to enhance the students learning. Students also learn to use a microphone when presenting a project and speaking in front of other students.

Kindergarten and Third Grade are partnered with Fifth Grade students during the year. These partners help the students during special events and activities in the school.

Focus on Curriculum

Math: Sorting; Positions and Patterns. Comparing sets, data, and graphing, Represent and read numbers 0-32, Plane shapes and fractions, Solid shapes, Time, Money, Length, Weight and Capacity, Addition, and Subtraction.

Reading: Students learn sight words, blending, beginning and ending sounds of words.  They learn to sound out and spell words phonetically.  Students learn about story structure and different types of books, grammar, writing, and comprehension.  This is a time when students are learning the basics to reading and the understanding of books and their purpose.

Handwriting:  Students learn about letters, their sounds, words that begin with that letter, and how to write it. They learn to correctly hold a pencil and form letters using the head line, middle line, and baseline.

Journals: During the year students learn to write starting with pictures and letters.  By the end of the year, they are writing about topics, describing pictures, and using a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and a period at the end.  Students use phonemic awareness to spell words and write sentences.

Religion: During Kindergarten students learn about Mass and what is happening.  Students are learning about Bible stories and doing crafts to reinforce what they have learned.  They learn about special events and holidays in the church and their importance.  Students are also learning how to be followers of Jesus and what we can do to show others how to be Christ like.  Students also learn to speak in front of others while participating in the Mass parts.

Science: Students learn about living and non-living things, plants, five senses, and matter.

Positive Action:  Students learn how to treat others, how to use their manners, and how to solve problems by using their words not their actions.

Spanish:  Students learn Spanish vocabulary, watch videos in Spanish and do activities related to the words learned.

Learning Centers: This is a time when students practice skills they have been taught and work in small groups.  This is a time when I, as a teacher, get a chance to observe and help in areas needed.

Student Interaction: During this time, students have an opportunity to practice what they have learned during Religion and Positive Action.  Students interact with each other socially and have time to play. This is the best way for students to practice and use what they have learned.

Social Studies: Families and Friends, A Big Wide World, Long Ago and Today, Our Country, It’s a Great Place

Special Events

  • Field Trips to Amazin Farm
  • Kindergarten Track and Field
  • Junior Achievement
  • Visit from School Nurse to present Scrubby Bear, handwashing, Dental health, and summer safety

Service / Mission Projects

  • Gifts for shut-ins
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Marathon Snack


Mrs. Jennifer Johnson

Phone: (320) 587-2490


  • I graduated from Concordia University with a B.A. in Education.
  • I have been involved with Sunday school teaching and have worked for Head Start.
  • I am married with two young children, and am a member of St. Anastasia Church.
  • Jenny Johnson Bio


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School Supplies List 2017-2018

Please note the school will be purchasing the products such as kleenex, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, baggies, etc.  These items will be purchased as needed throughout the school year.  There will be a $13.00 fee per student which will be collected after school begins.