Grade One – A wonderful year full of adventures.


First grade is a wonderful year full of adventures. The children receive their first desk and they learn how to become more independent. They explore the world through books, interactive materials, and hands on experiences. The class goes on field trips that help enrich classroom learning. They learn more about Jesus and how He promised never to leave us. They see how He is a part of every subject they study. They learn what faith in action means and how sharing that love with others through prayer and acts of kindness enhances our love for Jesus.

Focus on Curriculum

Reading/Spelling/Language: The first graders grow in leaps and bounds as we explore the reading components of reading comprehension, fluency, reading strategies, and weekly spelling tests.

Math: Mastering addition and subtraction facts and exploring topics such as geometry, money and time, place value, and measurement.

Social Studies: Students learn about their families, their community, and their country by studying the present and the past.

Science: Four primary units of study (life, physical, Earth, human body). This is a year of learning how the scientific process works. They learn how to observe, hypothesize, collect data, and make conclusions by doing a variety of research projects and hands on experiments.

Religion: Students discover the stories of creation, Jesus’ birth, life, miracles, and death. They celebrate Christ’s Resurrection and the gift of how to be His servant. They do several small service projects to reach out to the lonely, poor, and sick.

Positive Action: The first graders spend time each day talking about how our actions affect the others around us.

Handwriting: Students continue to grow in strength as they practice Manuscript writing.

Health: First Graders become aware of the muscular and skeletal structures, as well as, vascular and nervous systems of the body. They become aware of their feelings and how important it is to share them. They also learn of a variety of ways to keep them healthy and safe.

Special Events

  • September: In September we study the gift of God’s creation and the wonders of the work of Johnny Appleseed! During the week of his birthday, Sept. 26 we explore the wonders of apples. We learn how apples are planted, how they grow, and we even do experiments on the apples in science. We make apple dessert and even use apples to paint with!
  • October: October is the special month of the blessed Mother Mary. We learn how to say the rosary in the month of Oct. and dedicate time every Friday for the rest of the school year to pray the rosary.
  • November: On All Saint’s day we dress up as saints and have a Saint’s Tea Party. As we pour our tea and pass the finger sandwiches children introduce themselves as the saints they have studied and tell us about the Saint’s life journey.
  • December: In December we focus on Serving and giving to others as Jesus did. We make prayer blankets for Birthrite and go caroling at the senior assisted living.
  • January: In January we spend time learning about how to be a peacemaker. We study the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and think of ways we can stand up for others in peaceful ways.
  • February: A special month of friendship and love by giving cards to the shut-ins and letters to the seminarians.
  • March: We spend this month learning about praying, fasting, and almsgiving. We add a new prayer to our list as we learn how to pray the Mercy Chaplet during the month of March.
  • April: Eggs are our study of the month. Eggs are a sign of new life. We learn that animals that hatch from eggs are oviparous. We learn the parts of an egg and even dissect eggs to see these parts.
  • May: May is another month of Mary and we make rosaries and have one of the priests come and bless our rosaries.
  • June: In June we go on a walking tour of Hutchinson, exploring the town and expanding on lessons we’ve learned throughout the year.

Service / Mission Projects


Mrs. Betty Jodzio

Phone: (320) 587-2490


  • My teaching licensure is: Pre-primary-K thru 6th grade Elementary Ed., and 5th-8th grade Language Arts
  • I have a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership (University of St. Mary’s, MN)
  • I have been a Hutchinson resident for 16 years.
  • I strive to ensure each child is growing academically, spiritually, and creatively and enjoy making learning connections within the community.
  • I welcome your participation in the classroom!


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School Supplies List 2017-2018

Please note the school will be purchasing the products such as kleenex, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, baggies, etc.  These items will be purchased as needed throughout the school year.  There will be a $13.00 fee per student which will be collected after school begins.