Common Frequently Asked Questions about St. Anastasia School.

Q: Our family is not Catholic, can our children still attend?

A: Yes, children of any faith are welcome to attend our school. It is important to note that our school is Christian-based, and all students attend Catholic Mass weekly.

Q: What is the annual tuition?

A: $2,395 for first child; $2,095 for 2nd child, $1,795 for third child, and $1,395 for fourth child. Tuition can be paid in 9 or 12 month installments. Tuition assistance is available for those who qualify.

Q: Do the students wear uniforms?

A: On mass days, students wear navy blue and white uniforms. Other days, the students may dress in “street clothes.”

Q: Where do we get the uniforms, and what is the cost?

A: St. Anastasia Catholic School uniforms are worn when the school community gathers to celebrate an all-school liturgy or other events as specified by school staff. On uniform days, students are asked to wear approved St. Anastasia Catholic School uniform attire. Uniform descriptions for both boys and girls are available in the Parent Handbook.

Q: Do the students take field trips?

A: Yes! Each grade takes field trips. Locations vary by grade and may change from year-to-year. Some trips have included: skiing in 5th & 6th grade, state capital, Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, Fort Snelling, Camp Foley in 6th grade, Science Museum, Huthcinson Fire Station, and Nelson’s Farm. More information on past field trips is available on individual grade classroom pages.

Q: What kinds of activities are offered through the school?

A: Basketball, recorder lessons, mass servers and more. Full activities information is available here >>

Q: How old does my child need to be to start Kindergarten?

A: Students must be age 5 at the start of the school year in order to join us for Kindergarten. If your child is not yet 5 but eager for an academic environment, we highly recommend our Kids Depot Preschool Program. More information is available here >>

Q: How many students are in the school?

A: There are currently 89 students in grades K-6.

Q: What is the average class size?

A: Our average class size is thirteen. On staff, we have 10 teachers, a paraprofessional, principal, and support staff. The parish priest, Fr. Jerry Meidl also work with the students.