Mission and Philosophy

St. Anastasia Catholic School guides us to develop our minds and hearts to become successful and productive individuals having a full appreciation of our roles as followers of Christ and servers to others.

“Jesus appointed some to be apostles, others to be prophets, others to be evangelists, others to be pastors, and teachers. He did this to prepare all God’s people for the work of Christian service, in order to build up the Body of Christ.”
Ephesians 4: 11-12

St. Anastasia Catholic School exists to give the parish community an educational choice. We, at St. Anastasia Catholic School, believe our mission is to carry out this message by preparing children for all the ministries of Word, Worship, and Service.

We believe, based on Scripture, we must educate the whole student in a Christian environment, integrating religious faith values in all areas of learning.

We believe every child is unique. Our goal is to develop the highest academic standards to reach the potential of each individual. We aim to meet spiritual, academic, emotional, physical, and aesthetic needs. We do this through various teaching techniques in a positive, organized environment.

We believe that the children learn from faith-filled dedicated adults who serve as Christian role models, in the home as well as the school.

We will strive to develop, throughout the school, a sense of social justice and global awareness, constantly keeping in mind our three-fold mission of Word, Worship, and Service.

We believe that as a follower of Christ, we support, serve and respect ourselves, others, our work, and our environment. Together with Christ, we are the best we can be.

Principal Message

October 2017

Welcome to St. Anastasia in beautiful Hutchinson, Minnesota.

St. Anastasia provides a Christ-centered education for students beginning in kindergarten and continuing through 6th grade. The dedicated teachers and staff provide an education that helps each child develop spiritually, academically, and socially. Rooted in faith and growing in God’s love, each student at St.Anastasia School is supported in their personal pursuit toward excellence.I am honored to partner with parents to build a solid foundation for each child. At St. Anastasia we have beautiful children, small class sizes, exciting curriculum and caring, involved parents.
We are fortunate to partner with our Kids Depot Daycare and Preschool. Kids Depot provides care from 22 months through school age.

A commitment to small class sizes has helped the students to receive high-quality, individualized instruction. Our enthusiastic and talented staff, provide courses in math, language arts, science, social studies, art, & religion. Specialists in technology, physical education, and music, help to ensure that students have a wide variety of experiences and a well-rounded child is developed. Band is offered to 5th and 6th grade through Hutchinson Public School. We have up to date technology including smartboards and chromebooks in each classroom.

Extracurricular activities include a basketball team here at St. A’s, and students are able to participate on teams through Hutchinson School as well. These help to enhance the academic offerings and provide students opportunities to apply their academic and social skills. St. Anastasia Catholic School also maintains a school garden. The produce from the garden is harvested by the students,and used in the hot lunch program.

The Catholic school is where I wanted to share my faith and walk in the comfort and challenge of others who are walking with me. Come find out how St. Anastasia Catholic School is the right fit for your child.

Mrs. Shelby

St. Anastasia School Principal


On June 12, 1954, Bishop James Byrne blessed the cornerstone of the first Catholic school in Hutchinson. The school was dedicated on August 29, 1954, and the doors were opened for students on September 8, 1954. A dream came true as the first Catholic school in Hutchinson became a reality. It was, most proud parishioners agreed, a beautiful four-room school, built under the direction of the Rev. Marion Casey and staffed by Benedictine Sisters of St. Joseph, MN. During the first 45 years, numerous Benedictine nuns dedicated service to the parish. An important part of the philosophy then and now is that religious and moral values, for which the school exists, must be interwoven into the curriculum.

In a few short years, the Glen Street school became inadequate for the needs of the parish. A basement classroom and a classroom in the church sacristy helped alleviate the overcrowding for a short time. Along with the crowded classrooms, there was also the problem of lack of a play area. Plans for a new School Building Appeal were formulated in the fall of 1949 by a committee under the guidance of the Rev. John C. Ward, pastor. Groundbreaking of 15 acres of land on Lake Street took place on April 4, 1960, and a new school and parish center were built.

The new school was a “U-shaped” structure with a combination gymnasium -auditorium serving as the church enclosed the center. There were 12 classrooms. For the first ten years, until construction of the present parish duplex in 1970, the north wing of the facility served as home for the Sisters. Also included in the school building were a cafeteria-kitchen area, principal’s office, library, and several other rooms now used for miscellaneous purposes.

In the early years of St. Anastasia Catholic School, all students were encouraged to attend Mass every morning. Now, there is a school Mass once a week, typically on Fridays. Students are involved with the liturgy, with the classes taking turns serving in the various ministry roles.

In 1981, the Board of Education voted to begin a Kindergarten class. Twenty-three students enrolled in the 1983-84 school year.

The school is currently staffed by lay teachers. There are 86 students in grades K-6 in the 2015-2016 school year.


St. Anastasia Catholic School is subject to accreditation by the Minnesota Non-Public School Accrediting Association. Each year, the following must be completed:

  • Plans and goals must be submitted for the upcoming school year.
  • Plans and goals set for the previous school year must be addressed and justified.
  • Documentation of successful completion of goals must be submitted.
  • Student progress must be reported.
  • Staffing qualifications must be submitted and be within accrediting requirements.

Every seven years, an accrediting team visits the school to help with long-range goal setting and to review accuracy of an in-depth accrediting document. Interviews, building and programming reviews are done on-site.

Accreditation, 2012
The last in-depth accrediting review was completed in Spring, 2012. Documentation of our accreditation status can be found in the school office and is available for review upon request.